Introduction to Robotics and Perception


Introduction to Robotics and Perception#

This is an introductory robotics text, entirely written in executable notebooks, first developed for use in CS3630 “Introduction to Robotics and Perception” at Georgia Tech.

Please note everything here is considered preliminary and subject to mistakes, typos, broken code etc. Feel free to use the issue tracker (click on github icon above) to alert us of any mistakes.

Splash image with 3 robots

About the art: all images were generated by Frank Dellaert based on the chapter and section topics, initially using OpenAI’s Glide code, and later using Dalle-2.


We would like to acknowledge all the TAs and students in 3630 in Spring 2022 and beyond for their help in flagging errors/typos and helping to create assignments for the course.

This book originated initially as a JupyterBook, but we have benefited greatly from the MyST ecosystem, and the help of Rowan Cockett in birthing the printed version of our book.